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Have a passion for kids?

Do you have experience working with little ones? Do you love it? You might be the right fit for one of our families!

We Love Our Families

Based in Central Florida, our agency specializes in placing seasoned nannies with families with kids ages 0-18.



a very helpful or valuable event, person, or thing.
“we are a godsend to the families we work with”
synonyms: boon, blessing, bonus, plus, benefit, advantage, help, aid, asset; stroke of luck, windfall, manna (from heaven)

Our Nannies

We place only the most conscientious, fun, and responsible nannies, hand-picked by us to suit the specific needs of each family.

Our Families

We absolutely love getting to know each one of our families, finding out what makes your child unique and matching you with the perfect nanny.

Meet Mel owner of godsend nanny agency

Mel is everyone’s favorite. She’s the one our kids run to to get a little extra love. Kiddos call her “Mama Mel.” She has been working with families over the past 18 years to provide balance and support in the lives of their children. Mel isn’t just a nanny, she’s a friend, a counselor, a boundary-keeper, a boo-boo kisser, and has become an integral member of countless families. You might say she’s a godsend. Mel found nanny agencies lacking of the personalized care and attention she felt her families deserved, especially when working with their beloved littles. So, she decided to start her own. She is hand-picking each nanny and placing them with the family that best matches their caregiving style. More about Mel

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