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About Mel, Owner of Godsend Nanny

Melonza was born and raised in Michigan where her passion for kids and her career as a nanny began. She followed in the steps of her grandmother and great-grandmother as they were nannies also. In 2017, she decided that after 18 years of being a nanny, it was time to start her own nanny agency. Her mission is to provide loyal, honest, caring, and reliable nannies for you and your family.

Our Promise

At Godsend Nanny, we want to make sure you feel secure and at ease leaving your little ones with our nannies. We will passionately serve and care for your family through our dedication and our pursuit of excellence.


As a mother of 3, it’s hard to find someone who can manage our kids’ big personalities. Mel knows how to balance being fun while keeping them under control and on schedule. She’s a natural around children; so much so that ours call her “Mama Mel!” It always feels good to leave them in her care.


Mel is truly a natural with kids. She’s nurturing and kind but also understands and reinforces appropriate boundaries. She knows the childcare business from every viewpoint and understands what it takes to truly care for our children. I would absolutely trust her and her nannies with my two young girls. We love her to pieces!