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Meet Valarie Stephens-Owner, Your Family Guru

Your Family Guru Services:
•New Parent Coaching/Local Parent & Nanny Workshops
•Sleep Coaching
•Potty Training Program
•Nanny/babysitter Training
•Child Personality Profile
•Parenting Style Profile
•Tutoring/Home-school Help
•Online/Social Distancing Nanny
•One-on-one Video, Phone, & Text Consults
(In-person Consults Temporally Suspended) 
“On a mission to help every family thrive.”
Your Family Guru
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More about Your Family Guru & Valarie Stephens:

Video:   https://www.dropbox.com/s/kmg835jncv8zbe3/Valarie%20Founder%20Message.mp4?dl=0