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Full-Time Nanny
A full-time nanny generally works 40+ hours a week. Most work 5 days a week, 8 or more hours a day. A typical day starts between 7am and 8am and ends between 5pm and 6pm. Most nannies require Saturday and Sunday off, although there are many who will work Saturday and Sunday and take two days off during the week.
Part-Time Nanny
A part-time nanny should have the same qualifications that a full-time nanny possesses. A part-time nanny will most likely work a few days a week, before or after school or for a few hours a day while the parents are away. As long as the nanny works under 35 hours a week, she’s considered part-time.
Temporary/Summer Nanny
A summer Nanny is a caregiver who works through the summer when school age kids are out of school. Usually works a full-time schedule unless the kids are in camp for part of the day. A Temp Nanny usually steps into an established full-time or part-time schedule. The nanny may substitute for a regular nanny who is out sick or for an extended length of time, such as, maternity leave or family emergencies. She may also provide care for a family whose nanny left before finding a replacement. Temporary jobs are typically for sick nanny replacement, out-of-town guests, hotels, resorts, vacation home, or theme parks.
Overnight Care
A nanny may be needed for overnight care due to a new parent who would like to get some sleep through the night. A night nanny may work between 10 PM – 7 AM at a rate of $175/night. Typically work 6-12 weeks for a family.
Live-In Nanny
LIN is a childcare provider who lives in your home. You will provide care for a child(ren) during an agreed upon set of hours. In return you will get a place to live and a salary. This salary is typically less than a live-out nanny, because you are provided room and board. Both parties (nanny and family) need to agree on a salary in writing.
Backup Nanny
As we all know, sometimes last minute situations happen. Godsend Nanny wants to make sure that we’re there whenever you need us. We will offer one free year of service for a backup nanny. After the one year there will be a $100 backup nanny fee.
Weddings & Events

Godsend Nanny Agency will provide turn-key weddings, events, holiday parties, retreats, and convention childcare for groups of 10 or more children. We provide games, activities, arts and crafts, room set-up, movies and more.

Adults only receptions have become very popular with brides and grooms. Our nannies can shadow or provide care for little ones during the wedding and/or reception, to allow adults to enjoy the special day. The bride and groom can organize group childcare for their special day with the agency or we can be added to your wedding website for individual nanny care. 

  • All nannies are screened and experienced
  • All nannies will wear uniform shirts
  • Special needs and allergy accommodations
  • On site supervisor included
  • Safe parent check-in / check-out procedures

A 50% deposit will be required to reserve the date, the deposit is fully refundable. We require 7 day cancellation notice otherwise a $175 cancellation fee will apply.

Custom fit

We want to be sure you have the perfect setup. If you are unsure of what you need at the moment, please send us a message so we can help tailor our childcare to your needs.